Thanks for giving

Hey G.A.N.G, so thanksgiving is here & as a little treat we have our G.A.N.G’s blog up and running again! So here is the latest in VOW G.A.N.G!
As many of you may know, we held a little event at our church in which we did the awesome task of feeding the less fortunate of our beloved community. As Christians the bible, or more so Jesus, tells us to give to the poor. When asked the question, “Why do you feel it is important to feed and take care of the less fortunate?” many of our members had similar answers.
Cisco, our youth leader, stated “It is important because, it is the heart of Jesus. The heart of God. Because that’s where Jesus would be. There’s no way we can fill their spiritual needs if we don’t meet their physical needs. We should give without expecting anything in return.
When approached with this question, Michelle, our G.A.N.G girl leader, had this to say: “Because we should share the love of God with them, to let them know they have a family in V.O, you know?

In some perspectives, people might feel that those who are without should get a job, get on their feet, or just find some way to supply for themselves in this difficult time. Well whether that’s true or not, it shouldn’t stop the kindness of the Christian. Jesus has said in the gospels to give to the poor. As Christians it is so important that we be as Jesus was. As Cisco said, it is where Jesus would be. If that is where Jesus would be then why shouldn’t we be there?
Personally as I helped with the feeding and watched the smiles, joy, and satisfaction of these people as they were supplied with what we so often take for granted, I was taken away with a mixture of sadness and joy.
Sadness took me in more than one way. I know that although it is great that we are doing this, it shouldn’t stop here. Even if we can’t feed them all the time, we could at the very least extend a helping hand. I am very happy that our evangelism teams go out every Thursday and Friday to reach the hurting people. What is even more awesome is that through the weekly trips, many lives in the church have taken to the lifestyle of evangelism. I just want to tell those people, keep at it! Don’t lose the heart of God, Don’t forget what church is about! Love, a helping hand, kindness.
Here is a few more people who had something to say when approached with the question,” Why do you feel it is important to feed and take care of the less fortunate?”

Manny: “We can take this for granted. We have our family, but when we take the time to take care of the homeless we realize there not as fortunate and we can begin to appreciate more. This is what it’s all about.”
Fernando: “One is to show them that there is hope… that we’re a caring and loving ministry. We already know it’s hard for them to supply for themselves.”
Mimi: “One because they have no one else to care for them. They’re alone, what better way to show God’s love when some of them have no family. We’re here to show them they do have a family.”
Jimmy Cotinola: “It shows that we care”
Annette: “Because we have to give back because we’re blessed, and there are people who don’t have anything. And also because the bible says too.”
Ozzie: “Because we don’t know there situation, so if we feed them they might see there is care and it is from the church so they see it is from God.”
Damaris: “Bible says give to the poor. Show them you love them. That we Christians love them. Show them God loves them.”
Dugo: “Shows that a church isn’t limited to a certain standard of people. That we accept everyone.”
Omar: “It’s a form of gratefulness,… doing it without expecting a return.”
Carlos: “In a way they find out people do love them, that God loves them.”
Sandra: “So we can show the importance of others.”


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