Live Out Loud

Our focus during the months of September & October is for us to “Live Out Loud.”  We’re already seeing such a great response in a lot of our young people.  It was just a few weeks ago when we had two powerful events: our “Back to School Revival” and “Passion 4 Purpose.” These were two events with huge challenges…but the main challenge was for us to begin to live out these messages in our lives.

There are a lot of ways that you can begin to live out loud! Listed below are just a few:

  • Begin reading your Bible daily.
  • Begin to spend some time in prayer daily.
  • Be part of a Bible Study (We currently have 3: And1, No Limit and the Frontlynaz…click on the “About Us” tab for more info)
  • Start a Bible Study in your school
  • Invite someone else to church…and if God leads you, take it a step forward and invite someone to have a relationship with Jesus.
  • Find someone that can begin to help you out. Look at them like a mentor you can turn to spiritually.
  • Find your place! We have a few different ministries that you can join today to find your place in what God has for your life: Worship Team (Exhaltation), Media/Fundraising/Events (Equipping) Hitting the Streets (Evangelism), Bible Studies/Ushering/Greeters (Establishing).
These are just a few steps you can take.
A big part of this month is focused towards reaching the hurting and the lost in our city.  Each week we’ve tried to gear our services to that particular cause.  That’s the heart of what God is all about…he wants to reach those who need help.  He wants those that are broken, hurting and in need of a miracle.  We have a concert coming up, free of charge and we want to fill our building with as many jr. highers, high schoolers and young adults as possible so they can hear the gospel truth…and ultimately be given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please do your part to “Live Out Loud.” Sometimes we are the only Bibles that the world reads.

PROM 2010: A Masquerade Ball

Victory Outreach L.A. Harbor Region cordially invites you to “The Masquerade” Prom on Friday, June 11, 2010 at six o’ clock in the evening at The Pacific Palm Resort in City of Industry, California

It will be an evening to remember with; Prom pictures, a three course dinner to be served promptly at seven o’clock, live music, group contests, honoring all graduates (Jr. High, High School, UTC & College), creative awards, a look back on last year, special guest comedian and of course presenting Prom King & Queen!

As one person put it, “Symbolically, prom is a chance for the senior class to share one last hurrah before graduation and post-education plans take effect. It is about the experience of bonding through dressing up, the fun and light-hearted stress of working out the pre-prom agenda and the ultimate shock that follows once one realizes that they will soon leave the comforts of high school and will never truly be a kid again. The anticipation leading up to the big night is the same in every generation; prom is right of passage that no one should miss.”

Some details you should know:

Registration: You can register with Jessica Lavayen by calling her at (562) 237-3583.  Singles are $75 and Couples can go for $130. Registration will end June 7th, 2010.

Memory Videos: All material for videos (photo, video, interview, etc.) should be turned in no later than June 1st, 2010.  You can contact Robert Muro at (626) 392-5131/ or Lorraine Candelas at (562) 457-9481 for more information.

Trained to Fight

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for the lack of blogs on our site…but we should be turning that around pretty soon.  I just wanted to let you know about some of the things that have been taking place here in VO Whittier.  We’ve been experiencing a lot of new challenges within the GANG!

The last few themes we noticed something was happening within our youth, our team and our services.  We noticed that we were doing a lot, but not experiencing a lot of results.  In any youth ministry, we go through those roller coaster seasons (high one month and then low another).  Well, we saw a steady decrease and decided we needed to slow things up a little bit and just focus on the tools that would keep a Christian in this fight.

So this month we called it “Trained to Fight.”  We wanted every Wednesday Night to be two-fold: Spiritual Direction and Practical Application. We kicked the month off with a message on “Making Room for Jesus” and the following three weeks have been about Prayer, The Word and Worship.  These are the tools that we believe will help keep a young person in their relationship with God.

We got away from the flashy services this month to focus on what changes lives: The Gospel Message, The Presence of God and the Conviction of the Holy Spirit.  What we have seen is phenomenal: the youth has responded and we have been able to see a spark in our leaders and our G.A.N.G.  We have seen testimonies this month of young people coming back to the Lord, a refreshing for many and a new spark in others.  Can’t wait to see what God does next week…but whatever it is, we want it to be all GOD!

The Ultimate Call

We’re excited to announce a great event that’s taking place this month within L.A. Harbor God’s Anointed Now Generation Region.  We’re having an event directed to the generation of today.  It’s called, “The Ultimate Call!”  What is the Ultimate Call?  It’s God’s design for you life!  We’ve been called to be a voice for this generation!  Sadly, the world is a louder voice at the moment.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way…we can change that all around.  We believe that there are a few in the generation who really want to see a change.  Do you want to see that change?  Then please partner with us as we have a time of envisioning this generation to set nations on fire…a radical fire that is.

Wednesday Night Speaker: Pastor Phillip LaCrue Jr.

Thursday Night Speaker: Pastor Cesar Portillo

Friday Night Speaker: Pastor Fernie Franco

Check us out!!! VO WHITTIER