GANG Girl takeover- For such a time as this!

317917_10200554129158315_2062717925_nWell our theme for the month of January has been ” I love my Church” and this passing Wednesday we had a G.A.N.G Girl takeover. It was really great. The G.A.N.G Girls had an awesome presentation followed by an awesome word from our G.A.N.G Girl youth leader, Jessica Lavayen.

Before she spoke we heard a great testimony demonstrating the beautiful changing power of God in the life of Latoya, a young girl from Amsterdam who moved over to California to attend the West coast UTC.

The message was opened with a scripture from Esther 4:14.

Now a little background on this book before the message: At this time, Many women were gathered so that they may be trained ( prepared) to meet the king. Out of all these women, one would be chosen to be queen. Esther was blessed, she was set apart from the others and long story short, she became queen. Now Esther faced the manipulative challenge of comfort. She was of course comfortable with being the queen, but she couldn’t forget her people.

The Hebrew people were in danger, and God had chosen her to be used as their savior. Just like Esther, we as a youth group, as God’s anointed now generation, are set apart. We run and function differently. We just aren’t like other youth groups. Here are 5 pointers that will help you, just as they helped Esther.

1. Recognize God has set you apart – God is getting ready to do a great thing in the GANG. We HAVE to see it. When you find yourself trying to mess around in the world, it just wont be fulfilling. We are a destined people. We are set apart from the norm. Recognize it.

2.Esther submitted under authority, so should we. -Esther was discipled by Mordecai, her uncle. He is the one who told Esther not to forget who she was, not to forget her people. GANG, don’t forget who you are. God called you for such a time as this. God isn’t looking for perfection in this time, he is looking for submitted hearts, people he can use.

3.Esther had a personal relationship with God -This relationship wasn’t emotional or high and low like some roller coaster. She didn’t share a relationship with God the way many of us share with those we “love”. Our relationship with God has to be personal and intimate. God is getting ready to raise up a generation unlike any other generation. Others cant know God for us, we have to know them ourselves. The source of our power should be found in God. Any other source just cant do it. Our source should be accessible through getting on our knees. Through prayer. We MUST make God our priority and we must recognize our weaknesses to let God be our strength.

4.Esther stepped out -As a queen, Esther could only go before the king when announced, any other way would mean death. She didn’t let that stop her.

5.Finally, she was sold out -GANG, when you observe your life, can you say your friends, co workers, family, etc know that you serve God? Or would they be surprised the thought of it? Do we live out loud? Are we bold for Jesus?

Esther’s words in v. 16 of chapter 4 are, “.. and if i perish, i perish!”

Don’t be ashamed of the gospel, every time we get the chance to share it, be grateful. Esther saw that her cause was bigger than herself and she was willing to give her life, her safety, her comfort.